Who are we?

We are the first educational platform that supports language teachers to manage their own business, multiply their income and offer a wide range of classes in charming cafes or virtually.

All our students share the same concern: to learn through a practical and dynamic model that allows them to function in any situation.


The Englishcafe team: we are made up of former language students who once decided to break with everything and create a different model of learning, leaving our comfort zone and creating a motivating system for us and for the teachers.





Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos







What kind of classes does Englishcafe offer me?

In you will find a wide range of classes based on conversation as a fundamental methodology. There are 4 different modalities:

  • Conversation groups:   Classes in small groups in charming cafes in your city or online.
  • One to One Classes:   Individual lessons, you only with the teacher you choose.
  • Experiences:   Workshops in which the teacher teaches what he does best and in his language.
  • Classes for children:   Classes for children and young people online or face-to-face.
How do I find the class I want?

The search for classes is done from the search engine that you will see at the top of the web page.

Choose the   modality,the   language   and the   cityor online and you will   have the complete list that you can filter to customize it even more.

Once you have selected the class you want, registering is super simple. You have to be pre-registered or logged in to access the teacher’s contact details or make the payment.

Do I have to register on the website?

You can see the full range of classes available without registering on You will only have to do it in case you want to book your class or contact a teacher.

To do this, you will only have to fill out a simple form with your contact details. You can unsubscribe from your registration at any time.

Does it cost anything to register?

As a student you will only have to pay for the classes you want to hire, everything else is totally free and you can make the consultations you need.

Can I choose and evaluate a teacher?

Each ad is associated with a teacher
In Englishcafe it is the teachers who decide the type of classes, schedules and prices of their classes. We validate your data, curriculum and work experience before to ensure the best service.

Teacher Profile
In the announcement of each class you will see the information related to the teacher who teaches it, with a brief description of who he is and how his classes are.

Evaluation of other students
Those who have already tried their classes will be able to write a review of their teacher, so that deciding on one or the other is even easier.

To evaluate a teacher

To leave a review, you must have booked a class before through Your opinion is super important both for us to continue improving and for other potential students who want to be encouraged to try it. You can leave your evaluation from your user profile on the web.

How do I pay for the classes?

Teachers establish their rates, the mode of payment of their classes and the conditions according to the modality of classes:

  • Conversation groups:   You make the payment online at the time of contracting the classes as an automatic renewal subscription until you decide to cancel your attendance.
  • Experiences:   You make a one-time online payment for the price indicated in the listing.
  • One to One classes and for children:   As indicated in the ad, online or in cash.
Can I cancel a class?

The cancellation and recovery policy will be established by the teacher and is published in the announcement itself, so you know from the first moment what you are hiring.

What information do I have from my user profile as a student within the platform?

Since you register on the web, you can access the contact details of teachers, update your personal data, see your calendar of contracted classes, modify your active subscriptions, chat with your teacher or classmates or leave a review.



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