Learn a new language by practising!


¿What’s Englishcafe?

Group classes

Conversation classes for small groups in charming cafés or online.

One to one classes

Personalised classes, individual or in pairs.


Original language immersion activities.

Kids classes

Classes for children and teenagers, online or at home.

Englishcafe in-company

Hire an English cafe teacher in your company and make your employees take that leap in quality that you want so much.


Why learning a new language?

Travel the world with confidence

The confidence that gives you to go to a place and master the language with which you are going to communicate is vital to fully enjoy the experience.

Increase your job opportunities

The languages you learn are gateways to new job positions that you can climb to. It is a reality that languages open doors.

More perspective about culture and art

The teachers and people you will meet during and after learning a new language will give you a broader perspective of the world at large.

Become a better learner

The brain is a muscle, the more you train it the better it becomes. Learning is like this, the more you learn, the easier it becomes and the less it will cost you in the future.

Improve your business travel

The ease you have to communicate in your work with people who speak your same language is perfect right? What happens when you change languages?…

Talk to and meet more people

The truth is that when you have confidence in yourself you believe yourself with the strength to dominate the world. Imagine having confidence with tongues, who is going to stop you then?

Are you a language teacher?

profesores inglés

Work with us

It’s time to be your own boss.

We are looking for language teachers who want to start their own business offering conversation-based class models: for small groups in charming cafés in your city or online, with individual classes, with original language immersion experiences or classes for children. Join the first platform that allows you to multiply your income by managing group classes through your profile, either face-to-face in cafés or online.


Why learning with us?


+ 10 years since we started Englishcafe


+ 1,000 cafés all over Spain + online courses


+ 10,000 students who have learned with us


We work with only the best teachers

elígenos para aprender inglés

How does Google rate us?

A base de 103 reseñas
Miss Toñi
Miss Toñi
Si vous n'avez pas envie d'écouter des cours magistraux rébarbatifs, ni d'ingurgiter de la grammaire et de la conjugaison théoriques, alors vous êtes au bon endroit. Ici, on parle et on parle beaucoup. Des conversations sur des thèmes variés autour d'un verre ou d'un café tout comme on peut le faire entre amis. En cas d'erreur, le prof explique. On se corrige et on applique grammaire et conjugaison naturellement. Je regrette de ne pas avoir commencé avant.
Salvador Pérez
Salvador Pérez
Muy Clases y ambiente
patricia vega alba
patricia vega alba
Experiencia única con equipo de grandes profesionales. Repetiré sin duda alguna!
Manuel Eusebio García
Manuel Eusebio García
Genial metedo, muy util y divertido. Lo recomiendo a todos
Charo Cuesta Algaba
Charo Cuesta Algaba
Una forma fantástica de aprender y practicar inglés.
Paloma Arribas
Paloma Arribas
Las mejores y más divertidas clases de inglés.
Enrique Ruíz Millán
Enrique Ruíz Millán
Muchos buenos profesores y buena calidad.
lidia herranz
lidia herranz
Diferente, genial!
No he encontrado mejor manera de aprender inglés 👌 Siempre me ha costado mucho esfuerzo y fuerza de voluntad el hacerlo y con este método estoy deseando ir a las clases. Muy divertidas, dinámicas, didácticas y además conoces gente!

What do our students say?

I signed up to improve my English for my work, its close and relaxed way, I see it more practical than other systems. I have a lot of fun with the group I have noticed a great improvement, you really learn to handle yourself with the language.

Alfonso R.

Learning English for work.
The classes are very entertaining and practical and do not represent an obligation in themselves. It meets my expectations totally, you learn in a relaxed atmosphere, I find classes much more entertaining than conventional classes.

Sonia S.

Learning English in Madrid.

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Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 9.447€, cofinanciado en un 80% por la Unión Europea a través del fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER para la realización del proyecto: “Desarrollo de plataforma de formación online”, con el objetivo de “Garantizar un mejor uso de las tecnologías de la información”