Motivate and develop the potential of your employees

We design training programs tailored to each company. Englishcafe's methodology, based on practice and conversation, seeks to foster the skills necessary to succeed in any business environment and in any language.


What kind of courses can you find?

in company classes

In-company classes

The time you need

We bring the Englishcafe teacher to your company, with materials adapted to the sector and specific to the department of the company that receives the training.
online company classes

Online/virtual classes for companies

The time you need

Online or virtual classes through videoconferencing, using the channel that best suits the company: Zoom, Teams, Meet,…

Group classes

In our group face-to-face classes we establish a curriculum by levels according to the needs of the group, taking advantage of group dynamics as a common thread of the training.


Which kind

of classes?

Classes 1 to 1

Classes totally personalized to the specific needs of the student, establishing the learning goals of the language to be achieved in a certain period of time.


Our methodology supports us


Our teachers

Our community has a wide variety of language teachers from different specialties: business, legal, advertising,…
Adapting to each student is an art and requires a skillful, creative and competent teacher. We choose teachers who have made teaching their vocation.
conversation group

We rely on conversation

We propose an interesting and fun class for the student to enjoy their class and thus obtain a good use of the investment in time and money that student and company dedicate. Through dynamics specially designed to learn languages, the student internalizes vocabulary and structures in a natural and entertaining way.

Subsidize the classes in the company

We offer very competitive prices and you can also get a bonus of up to 100% through fundae if you have training credits. Englishcafe can carry out all the necessary procedures as an authorized company.

I was looking for an online language learning platform to offer our employees in case they needed it. I found Englishcafe and the whole company was delighted. I would recommend anyone who wants to incorporate language learning programmes in their company to go to them.

Pilar M.

RRHH manager – Vitro

They exceeded our expectations in terms of the learning model, the flexibility and personalisation of the classes and the professionalism of their teachers. My team is delighted and very motivated to attend the classes. We have tried the experiences and highly recommend it as well.

testimonial 2 empresa

Juan L.

Sales manager – 3M


Some of our clients