España cada vez es el destino preferido de más gente. En este artículo descubrimos qué es lo que más les atrae a los americanos. Nuestra profesora Megan, además de repasar con nosotros vocabulario y los phrasal verbs de la semana, nos habla sobre lo que más les gusta los americanos de nuestro país: What Emericans like about Spain.

americanos en españa

Hello EnglishCaf̩e blog readers! This is Megan and I’m glad you have returned to check the blog. This week, in addition to the usual idiomatic expression and phrasal verb of the week, I will talk to you about some things Americans/foreigners like about Spain.


Idiomatic expression of the week

“Once in a while”

  • Definition: sometimes, not very often
  • Nathan and I go to the cinema once in a while. Usually we prefer to watch movies at home.
  • Once in a while, I eat pizza with my friends at Giussepe’s Pizzeria.

Phrasal verb of the week

  • to cheer (someone) up
  • Definition: to make (someone) happier
  • After a really difficult day, a friend brought me flowers to cheer me up.
  • Cheer up! Even though it is raining, we can still have a great day at the museum.
  • Traveling is a great hobby because you get the opportunity to learn about new cultures, and experience new ways of life!

Here is a list of some things foreign people love about Spanish culture:


There is no doubt that Spanish food is spectacular! There is something unique about Spain, as it contains many regional dishes like the Spanish omelet, Valencian seafood paella, cocido Madrille̱o, Galician octopus, Andalusian gazpacho, and so much more! You can never go hungry in Spain with so many delicious options awaiting you around each corner.


One thing I love about Spain are the two kisses given when greeting anyone–it could be your family member, a friend, or even a stranger! This is one custom I like about Spain because it shows the physical closeness of the society.

The weather

The weather in Spain is wonderful. The Mediterranean climate allows for temperate winters and sizzling summers. You can head to the mountains for skiing but also the amazing beaches during the summertime.


Spain has so much history! Compared to the age of America, Spain is ancient and it shows. Each major city, as well as small towns, have a church that can date back to hundreds of years! Also many monuments are standing proud throughout the country as a tribute to noble kings, battles, and artists. For me, knowing the rich culture has been evolving for centuries is something special to experience.

The people

Truly the best part of Spain is the Spanish people. From the warm smiles of passerby’s in the street or on the metro, to the roar of laughter you can find in any bar, to the pride and enthusiasm for a soccer match, you can clearly see that the people here are welcoming, friendly, and can be your friends for life. People in the street are happy to help you with directions, and don’t be surprised if they also recommend you a great restaurant, as well!

Thank you for reading the EnglishCaf̩e blog. I hope you return next week to continue improving your English with us!!!!!

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