Definition: to give the green light when we give our consent or permission to someone. To get the green light when we are allowed to do something.

The executive producer gave the green light for the movie to proceed.

After getting the green light for the movie script, the team began to hire actors and choose locations.

Phrasal verb of the week

to give (something) up

Definition: to quit a habit

Alberto told me he will give up smoking next year.

I would love to take the job offer, but I don’t want to give my swimming club up.

Last week, following May’s Topic of the Month Debating Tips, we reviewed some expressions that could be used in debates. Did you get to use any in your personal or professional life yet? Well, if not, don’t worry! This week I will give you some topics you can use as a foundation to start some debates with your family, friends, or workmates. (In a friendly environment, to practice your English, of course!)

Below I have listed some statements, that you can either defend to be true, or object to be false. Be sure to make a list of pros and cons before debating!

-Using animals in medical research helps people.

-Celebrities earn too much money.

-Cloning has a lot of benefits.

-We are becoming too dependent on technology nowadays.

-War is never an option for solving international problems.

-People should switch to a plant-based diet.

-Illegally downloading music and movies from the internet without permission is morally equivalent to theft.

-We should restrict advertising aimed at children.

-University education should be free.

Now, get debating! I wish you luck when using these topics. Remember to always be polite and maintain your composure. Also be sure to remember to come back next week, for another installment of your EnglishCaf̩ blog!