Leaving Valladolid was not easy………….

It was a cold wintery evening when I landed in the city of Valladolid.

My husband who came to the city a few months before me, already had given me a brief introduction about the city and it’s people I was told that it’s a very beautiful, clean city and the people were very friendly!


 Our flat and a lift who speaks in Spanish

Curious that I was , I got down from the taxi that stopped in front of our apartment. We had taken a flat on the third floor and I was eager to see if my husband had made the right choice of flat in my absence! We came up the lift that announced something in Spanish and got inside the flat. It was neat but the traditional decor made me think if the owners were an old couple.

Our first walk to the City

We left the luggage behind and decided to take a walk to the City Centre! It was already dark and we went to Campo Grande park, Plaza Zorilla, Plaza Mayor (Public Square) and the City Centre which were the famous spots in the city.

From London to Valladolid was definitely a sea change ! In London, my day was busy with the salon, baking cakes, my college, work at home and my friends.

All of a sudden, I had the whole day in front of me and I had nothing to do! This was an uncomfortable phase to reinvent myself all over again! How? That was the question in mind ! Thanks to my active social media life.

Life slowly unfolded itself for me in this small City.

Random post suggested by Facebook landed me in Englishcafe!  Englishcafe was an enchanting place to work. I had to teach Spoken English from coffee shops and gastro pubs: Very innovative and very different from the mundane classroom teaching that I had always despised.

I started working after 10 long years and never thought I would as I had almost buried my hopes of working again after a decade!  I met my boss Nuria and her mum who eventually became my family, my world and my everything!

My job and my students

One of my groups

My job and my students were the biggest motivation and my happiness. They were a reason for me to feel comfortable and familiar. They were a reason for me to wake up each morning and a reason to come out of the house every day.

The best part of my job was to meet different people who always had incredible stories to tell.

I have left a part of myself in Valladolid

After two and a half years of being in Valladolid, I am all set again for the next adventure in my life. I do not know where life is taking me but I definitely miss my job, my students, miss my long walks in Paseo Zorilla, miss those soulful sips of Café con Leche, miss saying Hola to strangers on the streets, miss my friends, miss those long drives with friends, miss those wonderful road trips and miss all the familiarity that I built up with all earnestness.

I have left a part of myself in Valladolid. It’s strange and amazing how we form bonds with places and people.

Experiences and relationships that remain etched in our hearts forever.

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