Last week we brought you one of our Teacher’s Interviews. Peter talked about his hometown and what he misses…

But today is different! We want to talk about a holiday that is celebrated all around the world: Labor Day

But first, here is your Idiomatic Expression of the week and your phrasal verbs.

Learn about this amazing country and enjoy!

Idiomatic Expression of the Week: To Go the Extra Mile

Definition: To go further, to take another step.
Example: If you wanna go out with her, you will have to go the extra mile.

Phrasal Verbs of the Week:
To Go Ahead

Definition: To proceed with a plan of action.
Example: Go ahead! We can’t wait anymore

To Figure Out

Definition: To find a solution, explain, to resolve or clear up.
Example: Let’s figure this out before mum finds out!


Labor Day is annually held on the first Monday of September. It was originally organized to celebrate various labor association’s strenghts of and contributions to the United States economy. It is largely a day of rest in modern times. Many people mark Labor Day as the end of the summer season and a last chance to make trips or hold outdoor events.

Celebrate Labor Day