Happy weekend! I hope everyone has had a great week and had the opportunity to practice some English, as well!

This week I have a new idiomatic expression and phrasal verb for you all to incorporate into your daily English conversations.


Idiomatic expression of the week

to have your heart set on something

Definition: to really want something

“David had his heart set on a new Ferrari and was disappointed when he did not receive one for Valentine’s Day.”

“Currently I have my heart set on traveling the world this summer.”


Phrasal verb of the week

to turn down

Definition: to decrease the volume of noise; to reject

“Can you please turn down the music? I cannot focus on studying.”

“Last week I turned down an invitation to a movie because I already had plans.”


As a reminder, February´s Topic of the Month is “Daily Life Situations and Problems”. Last week I reviewed many ways to interact in a restaurant atmosphere. This week I will introduce some useful phrases for when you’re traveling…it could be in England, the USA, Ireland, or anywhere in the world!



“Where is gate number ____? “

“Could you please tell me what time my flight is departing?”

“Can I get a taxi to _______, please?”

“Which train goes to downtown?”

“How much does a transit ticket cost?”



“Could I book a room for two nights, please?”

“How much does your single bed room cost?”

“Is breakfast included in the price of the room?”

“Do you have any restaurant recommendations around here?”

“What time is check-out?”


In the city/on the street

“Excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to ________?”

“In which direction is ___________?”

“Where is the nearest supermarket/gas (petrol) station/bank?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you. Could you repeat that, please?”

“Thank you very much, have a beautiful day!”


That’s it for this week on the English Café blog. I hoped you enjoyed and remember, if you have any recommendations of what you would like to see on the bog, email jennifer@englishcafe.es. Come back next week for more knowledge!