precisely what is needed

A fun night out with friends is just what the doctor ordered.

Phrasal verb of the week

to hang out (with someone)

Definition: (informal) to spend time with someone

Last weekend I hung out with Colin and Joshua at the park.

What are you doing on Saturday? We should hang out at the street fair.

Something very useful when traveling are applications on your mobile devices. Did you know that there are many available that can help you with your English on the go? Below are some recommendations of apps that you can take with you while traveling this summer!

The first is actually a website,, which is a database of pronunciations of words from many different regional accents. If you ever how any doubts about how to say a word, or if there is more than one pronunciation, doubt no more with the help of this webpage.

The next two resources are applications developed by Cambridge University, a well-known leader in English language education. The first is a free application called English Monstruo, which was specifically designed with Spanish-speakers in mind, giving support with the errors Spanish speakers make most when learning English. There are also fun interactive exercises to help you practice, where ever you are! It is available for both Apple and Android devices.

The other application from Cambridge is called Phrasal Stein, which can help you conquer your fear of learning and most importantly, using phrasal verbs. The application guides you through learning more than 100 phrasal verbs, all within a horror theme and design. It is free to download for Apple and Android devices, as well. ign-mpt=uo%3D8

Well, what are you waiting for? Now you have no excuse not to improve your English because you can take these resources with you on the go whether you’re traveling this summer or not. Please check back next week for more English for Travel on the EnglishCafe blog!