Hello again!

This week, we will be introduce the Topic of the Month for May, which is Debating Tips, in addition to the usual idiomatic expression and phrasal verb of the week.

>Definition: to stay

I love Spain. I think I will stick around here for awhile.

Could you stick around after the meeting? I would like to talk with you.

May’s Topic of the Month is Debating Tips. There is a formal style of communication called debate, but most likely for your purposes, advice on how to assert your opinion, challenge what information others give you, and also summarize your ideas clearly would be most helpful.

Below are some expressions in English you can use in debate:

Asserting your opinion

-I (strongly) believe _______ because __________.

-In my opinion…

-Let me give you an example…

Challenging the information of others

-Why do you think that?

-Before you mentioned ______, could you give me an example?

-Can you illustrate that?

-Could you provide more details please?

-What evidence do you have?

Summarizing your ideas

-Although you said ________, I believe ____________.

-In summary…

-In conclusion…

Thank you very much for reading the English Caf̩ blog again and I hope you took away some new knowledge in English. Continue practicing this week any time you can, and be sure to come back next week for a new blog post.

Enjoy your week!