Some good friendships are made in the most unassuming situation

Some friendships blossom (to blossom = florecer) during the most unexpected times. Destiny introduces and brings people closer only in its own accord (voluntad, avenencia). I have always wondered how some good friendships are made in the most unassuming situations.

Sometimes, we don’t need a lot of time to connect with some people. It happens automatically and yet with others, it takes ages to get that connect. I live in a gated community (urbanización cerrada) of around 694 apartments amidst lots of greenery (vegetación). The flats are built in such a way that it is not impossible to get a sneak peek (echar un vistazo) into the neighbours’ houses facing each other.

She smiled at me and asked

Having been in the lockdown for many weeks now, my daily chore (tareas diarias) of washing vessels introduced me to this new friend. “I think your husband is not here with you”, she smiled at me and asked. I was quite surprised but impressed by her keen sense of observation. My husband was in another city as he had taken up a new job. She checked on my welfare (bienestar) the next minute that melted (to melt = derretir) my heart. So, it became a routine everyday almost when both of us are by the side of our respective windows trying to catch up with each other and starting a conversation about how this pandemic has changed our lives and the way we think. We exchange our phone numbers so that we could update each other in case of any news in the neighbourhood. I didn’t see her for few days and wondered what happened to her. Three or four days later, I came to know that she was a bit unwell. Waving (to wave = saludar con la mano) at her in the mornings and looking forward to conversations with her almost became a part of my everyday routine. I did miss those chats in case I didn’t spot her in the kitchen or by the window. One such day, she wrote to me saying, “You are that smile that I look forward to through the day! So, even if I am all locked up in the house, unlocking the way to your smile for me is ????????????”

The blooming of a new friendship

Now, this comment for me coming from an acquaintance (persona conocida) is a pleasant surprise and I was beginning to understand that this is the blooming of some nice friendship in the days to come. Warmth in a relationship can be extremely welcoming. It gives the other person some comfort to open up. In an attempt to know more about each other, I told her that I am a baker. I shared few of the pictures of my cakes. She was way too kind to appreciate my baking skills but she was no less. She and her daughters were insanely creative in making greeting cards using all kinds of creative stuff. Her mum who is with her at this point in time also is an expert in crochet and embroidery (to embroid = border).

Some of my neighbour hand made greeting cards

She was very kind to donate hand stitched (cosidas a mano) cloth masks during this pandemic to the community. Having been in a place where women are adept (expertas) at making Rangoli (Rangoli(s) are Indian drawings made with colours on the floor that are an identity to every festival and occasion) she shared some pictures and I was truly stumped (to stump somebody = dejar boquiabierto) to see her drawings. They exhibited oodles (un montón) of creativity, imagination, patience and skill.

Rangoli examples

We see people all around us on a daily basis and hardly try to get closer to know about them because we are caught up in our own routine, our minds telling us to be prepared for the next activity in our daily life. We fail to appreciate things around us or rejoice those small joys of life because of our mundane routine or lifestyle. I must say that this has been a wonderful time for many in trying to rediscover themselves in every possible way, to pause, look at things or relationships from a different angle and most of all cherish (to cherish= estimar, valorar) what we have amidst all odds and chaos around us. I look forward to having a cup of tea with this friend who is near, yet so far (thanks to social distancing) and endlessly chat away to create even more beautiful memories…… ❤️